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Your chance of it in real estate, like any other business, is directly proportional to the quality of management. For unlike stocks, bonds or savings accounts, real estate requires constant skilled management. Many people who acquire property are unprepared to cope with the assorted problems that can arise.

How much is yours worth? It may not show up on your income statement, but the value of your time is an expense. Stop and think about it. Could the time you are presently devoting to property management be more efficiently and productively used in your business, professional or leisure activities?

No More Management Headaches
Complete property management frees you from the property. In most cases, the tenants are unaware who the owner is. After all, not everyone is skilled at dealing with the problems of real estate. Some people feel intimidated by the problems of tenants. Others may drive themselves crazy with worry over details of maintenance. Avoiding the frustration by selling the property is not the answer.

A good professional management firm handles all of the following – and more:

Filling vacancies
Collecting rents
Cleaning Disbursements